Waroatahe... anyone?

I finally picked up a copy of Alien Realms (one of the last Classic Traveller publications by GDW) for a not too hideous price on eBay, and lo and behold it has a map!

Okay, it's a tiny little map, 8 parsecs by 6 parsecs. But it's of the Waroatahe sector deep in the Aslan Heirate. Cool! It even has tidbits (not UWPs) of several worlds:
  • Eauahkusoilr
  • Ra'akhtaisaaoeah
  • Ewew
  • Aihuarouea
  • Hlaiheih
  • Suisahruistalal
  • Eaausaarai
  • Haiftakh (on the map, but no details)
Interestingly, none of these show up in Google, although several links to Waroatahe data do. The version my map has was "...created from the dot-plot in Solomani & Aslan by jaymin@maths.tcd.ie"

Has anyone taken a stab at reconciling the dotmap with the Alien Realms map? I'm not seeing anything that matches. Ω

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