Data Overview 2018

This year has had ups and downs. Due to real-life distractions I haven't spent as much time on the site as I'd like. But reviewing the change logs, it has been a busy here. Here are some of the highlights....

(Past Overviews)

Data Overview 2018
But first... offline

A highlight of the year was getting to meet and hang out with Marc Miller at TravellerCon/USA:

Joshua Bell and Marc Miller at TravellerCon/USA 2017

He's a big fan of maps, it turns out.

Who knew?


Mongoose had a successful Kickstarter for The Great Rift box set by Martin J. Dougherty, which emphasizes getting off the beaten track and exploring the mysteries of even deeper space. The set includes Corridor and Reft, the first look at Riftspan Reaches since a brief stop in Travellers' Digest, and the first ever official look at Afawahisa and Touchstone sectors. In addition, various calibration points and anomalies are marked on those sectors. Prep work was done for these on Traveller Map, including route generation borders, and reviewing previous canonical details.

Athwa subsector in Calidan from The Fall of Tinath adventure (also by MJD) in the Traveller Starter Set by Mongoose was added as well; this is part of the OTU, although resides far away from Charted Space. Watch out for the Essaray...

Graham Donald made an effort to ensure that many apocryphal versions of sectors were preserved. These are not part of the OTU, but used by many players regardless. They include: Fulani from Terra Traveller Times, Meshan from North Coast Roleplaying, Foreven from Imperium Staple, Morning Star (from Morgonstjärnen), Tagret from Judges Guild Pegasus IX, Vanguard Reaches and Beyond by Paranoia Press (1991 updates), Beyond by Jeff Zeitlin, and Precipice and Anniversary, including orphaned worlds and subsectors from various publications

Traveller 5 Sector Survey

We're making some progress on nailing down what the actual process is for reviewing sectors. The image shows the current status: red = complete, orange = in-review (and Foreven = green = preserve).  Not much change since last year, but Arzul and Star's End (by Jeff Zeitlin) were pulled in for review, as well as Touchstone and Afawahisa to support Mongoose's The Great Rift product.

T5SS Status 2018

For sectors already in review, Randy Dorman made corrections for the Solomani sectors in review (Canopus, Aldebaran, Neworld, Langere). Robert Eaglestone updated Tuglikki. Wayne H. Underkoffler made several updates to allegiances in Vanguard Reaches and the Beyond.

Other Efforts

In Zhodani space, Marc Miller has asked that we review unofficial and official data to understand the effects of the Wave, and certain historical events in Zhodani space.

BeRKA updated Zdiedeiant, Michael Gonzalez updated the coreward borders of the Consulate to match the old Imperium Map poster and library data, and I added newly generated data for Sidiadl and Eiaplial sectors, to round out the

Other Eras

M1900: Robert Eaglestone provided Tuglikki updates

M1120: Michael Gonzalez provided data for Core, Dagudashaag, Gushemege, Vland, Deneb, Riftspan Reaches, Corridor, Ealiyasiyw

Non-Data Updates

The bulk of my work on the site this past year was on getting the experience on mobile devices improved. The usual side effect when a web site does that is that the "desktop" experience is improved as well, and I hope that's the case. If you don't visit the site on a phone, here's what it looks like these days:

Sector Details
World Details (small)

World Details (expanded)