Minor fixes, interface tweaks

In order to increase the screen area available for search results, I've increased the section of the right-hand control panel that expands/collapses to include all of the style/appearance options. Previously this included only the label options. Also, to make the "Scroll Map" buttons more useful they now scroll the map by a much greater distance, and the scrolling is animated.

Feedback appreciated. I'm still trying to retain the visual style of the GURPS Traveller mockup that was the inspiration for the site. Is that holding the map back too much? Should I move to a more modern appearance with controls overlaying the map? (I'm planning to do that anyway for the touch-based version)

A handful of tiny bug fixes:

  • legend popup once again shows using current visual style
  • blue zones (for TNE) now render as gray in Atlas style (thanks to Alvin Plumber for the bug report)
  • Cleaned up metadata glitches in the XML (thanks to Mark McSweeny for the bug report)
  • Prevent overlapping map animations