Hosting Provider Change - Uptime Report

As noted, I switched hosting services a couple of weeks ago. The new hosts have 10x the memory and there are two of them for load balancing. Here's a graph (c/o Pingdom) showing "downtime" incidents:

Notice any changes circa October 10th?

FYI, the incidents usually lasted on the order of ~2 minutes and correspond to a server restart, usually due to the site's pixel crunching overwhelming the CPU limit on the servers under load.


Route Maker

I added a Route Maker tool to facilitate entry of route metadata by simply clicking on a map. It's a bit rough, but it's similar to a custom desktop application I put together a few years ago when I was inputting all of the Travellers Digest routes. Not too fancy, but better than typing.

Eventually I'll get Border Maker added as well, and ideally unify everything into a Metadata Maker or some such.



Hosting changes

To improve the responsiveness and reliability of the site, I've switched the hosting from DiscountASP.NET to Everleap (same company, different service). In theory, there are now two load-balanced virtual servers hosting the site with 10x the memory, so the site should be more responsive. I made the switch last night and was going to let it bake for a few days, but it was so much better already I flipped the DNS entries this morning while coffee was brewing.

As always, let me know if anything weird is happening or any files are missing due to the migration.

Also, I moved the Third Imperium archive to a new home: ThirdImperiumfanzine.info Ω