Milieu Support

Traveller uses the term milieu (plural: milieux) to describe a particular setting or era. Milieu include the Golden Age (described in Classic Traveller and Mongoose Traveller, circa 1105), the Rebellion (described in MegaTraveller, circa 1120), the New Era (circa 1202, 1248), Milieu 0 (from T4, from 0 through 300), Interstellar Wars (from GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars), and even alternate settings such as the GURPS Traveller alternate timeline (a.k.a. "Lorenverse").

The Traveller Map defaults to the Golden Age (circa 1105), which is the focus of the T5SS effort. It now offers experimental support for other Milieu. To enable it:

  1. Go to the Settings menu (gear)
  2. Check "Enable Experiments"
  3. A new Experiments menu (flask) will appear
  4. From that menu, select a milieu:

You can play with some other experimental features that are there.

The available milieux are currently:

  • The Interstellar Wars - featuring only the Solomani Rim as depicted in GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars by Drye, Wiseman and Zeigler. Data adapted by adapted by Dom Mooney
  • 990 - Solomani Rim War. Features the data from Gateway to Destiny (the Gateway Domain) which is all I have handy for that time period, from Gateway to PDF.
  • 1105 - this is the default, with data from T5SS and unofficial contributions
  • 1900 - the Galaxiad setting. This is a work in progress with just the Spinward Marches and parts of Gvurrdon, c/o Rob Eaglestone.
Submission of data to flesh out these milieux or start others are welcome!

The API docs are updated to include milieu parameters where supported. Note that the values currently supported are: IW, M990, M1900 - and leave the param off for the default. If data is not present for a sector in a given milieu you'll get 404 Not Found errors.

When generating images, placeholder markers (*) will be shown for systems where default (1105) data has a system.

There are some caveats with the experimental support:

  • Search does not consider milieux, so the results won't match what you see.
  • Routes do not consider milieux so those results will also be off, too
There are a few more bugs noted in the issue tracker. Additional bug reports welcome.