Spinward Marches 1105

The Spinward Marches has been updated (backdated?) to 1105 to match the other data updates, bringing it in line with the T5 Spinward Marches poster by FFE. The updated data is courtesy of Marc Miller, Donald McKinney and Robert Eaglestone. This includes the sector data and metadata (routes and borders).

In addition, where the "Sector Data" link was at the bottom of the map has been replaced by two clearer links: "Source" which takes you to the published source of the data (if any), and "Data", which serves up the SEC data used by the site itself.

I'm sad to report that, as part of this cleanup, the anomalous jump-5 X-boat route between Tenalphi and Strouden that's been with us since Supplement 3 is no more. It's been replaced by a jump-4 route between Tenalphi and Persephone. Gone are the days of envisioning it as everything from an experimental route to a spatial anomaly. At least in the OTU...



Data Corrections

Thanks to Don McKinney, I have updated data for the following sectors:
In addition, I made some individual world tweaks:
The truncated names appeared to be a result of passing the data through a fixed width data handler at some point before the files came to me. It's possible there are others - reports welcome!


Trying out Trello

I'm giving Trello a go as a shared/hosted bug tracking / wish list tool.

Go to the TravellerMap.com Wish List Board

Does this work for you? Try adding some items and comments. To much structure, not enough? My other options include a shared Google Spreadsheet, or a the bug tracker in a code.google.com/p project. (even though the site's code is not hosted there).

What are your thoughts?



Rendering Fixes

Two quick rendering fixes.

  • With "World Colors" checked, white-on-white worlds (e.g. Spinward Marches 0622 in Print style) should now have an outline
  • Borders are now rendered as closed paths, which means small gaps near the "start" of each borders should be gone
The latter one was actually a substantial effort, but it's been sitting unpublished on my dev machine for some time now and I think I'm happy with the change.