Here's my "To Do" list for the site. Many of these are probably incomprehensible, but I thought I'd share anyway
  • FEATURE: Support custom data for sector.htm LBB generator
  • LOC: Detect language setting "Accept-Language:", serve Japanese version (it turns out a lot of the site traffic is from Japan. Go figure!)
  • IMPL/FEATURE: Style object that's data only
    • Cache object for brushes, etc
    • Allow passing in via parameters (options and scale are presets)
    • Scale is just a seed - use next-highest scale
  • FEATURE: Search by regex on (UWP, PBG, ...)
  • BUG: Terra should look like Earth in Candy style
  • BUG: iframe doesn't show if "Disable script debugging" is unchecked (WTF?) - IE bug? Maybe cookies can't be loaded or something?
  • IMPL/PERF: Add more condensed route storage (perf, size)
  • QUALITY: Investigate DrawClosedCurve for candy borders
  • FEATURE: Style options - hexes at every level
  • QUALITY: Up the JPEG quality for Candy a bit
  • DATA: Incorporate Theron sector from BeRKA (?)
  • DATA: Incorporate Uistilao sector from BeRKA (?)
  • DATA: Use Kaa'G!kul data from HIWG (?)
  • DATA: Incorporate MWM's new T5 data
  • IMPL: Reconsider JavaScript class/object style
    • Use Class.prototype.func = function() ... rather than this.func, and other extern logic
    • Verify that inline functions for event handlers aren't leaking memory
  • FEATURE: Support different data sets (Judge's Guild, etc)
What else should I have on the list? Ω

Traveller Wikia Links

Thomas Jones-Low over at the Traveller Wikia has started a project to update the structured data elements of the wiki (which are rendered using "infoboxes" in mediawiki parlance) so that they generate IFRAMEs pulling from the map site, where appropriate. w00t! Ω

Data Overview, Gushemege Routes, Keyboard Controls

It's time for another look at the map's data/metadata coverage - the last one was back in 2006. Here is a dotmap render at 2 pixels/parsec showing all parsec-level borders and all routes:

  • The rendering and encoding pipeline doesn't guarantee a single pixel per world, or even uniform brightness, so the dotmap should not be analyzed too closely - just gauge data density (i.e. "this is a rift" or "there's no data for this sector")
  • This does not include Chtierabl or the Zhodani Core Route which, let's face it, is just a long, mostly straight line.
I've also made two additions:
  • Routes for Gushemege were added based on Traveller 1248 Sourcebook 2: Bearers of the Flame (download sector map in PDF format). I figure the Fourth Imperium xboat routes are probably pretty close to the Third Imperium xboat routes at least within the sector, since the backstory is that Usdiki Pocket fared pretty well. The edges of the sector - outside the 1248 4I borders - have sparse routes.
  • You can now use the I, J, K and L keys to scroll the map as well as + and - to zoom in and out. This only applies to the main map page, not IFRAME embedded versions.


What's Missing?

Apart from dorking around with experiments, the actual content of the site is reasonably stable. So I was pondering... what's missing? What are the gaps in the data that we should endeavor to fill in? Let me throw that question out to the readers.

Off the top of my head:
  • Borders in K'kree space
  • Borders in Hiver space
  • Coreward half of Far Frontiers (I have an email out to James Kundert)
  • Routes in Ilelish, Zarushagar, Gushemege, Delphi, Alpha Crucis
What else?

This is a subtly different question than "what should I do next?" - I'll post an updated roadmap soon for comments. Ω


Blogger Template Updated

I kinda accidentally updated the blogger template for the actual blog site, and had to frantically edit it back into the classic TRAVELLER style (Optima/Univers, black-on-white). Let me know if anything isn't readable.

No changes to the map or the RSS feed. Ω


LBB Generator

I played a bit more with the sector.htm page - adding a title page, tweaks to the layout, and so forth. The page code is also slightly more interesting to peruse - to make it easier to modify I wrote a JavaScript Template mechanism that defines the transform using XSLT-like constructs (if, foreach) embedded in the HTML as attributes (jt_if, jt_foreach) itself, and JSONT-like expression embedding sequences ({$.index}, {$.title}), and operates over a JavaScript data construct. The expression language is JavaScript itself and "$" is set to the current object as the parse descends. Check the page source for details.

It ended up working pretty well, once I sorted out some cross-browser issues (IE doesn't have a convenient mechanism for enumerating explicitly specified attributes, alas). Tested in Firefox 2, IE7, Opera 9 and Safari 3 on Windows XP. Ω


Yiklerzdanzh Routes

Browsing through the HIWG CD I came across a bitmap of the Yiklerzdanzh sector including routes, so I added those.

There's no distinction between Zhodani "xboat" routes and others... some were easy to interpret (the Meichntid Ibl and Talpaku Communality have obvious self contained networks) but the long chain of routes into the L and O subsectors is a bit odd. I'm interpreting the routes as a continuation of the Zhodani routes into unincorporated territory to bolster the Consulate's influence in the area. Oddly, it avoids the Consulate outcropping that seeps into the Vanguard Reaches.

If anyone has more data on this I'd be glad to clarify. Ω


Border Cleanup

A minor bit of cleanup:
  • Found and fixed a bug with candy-style border rendering along sector boundaries. Most notable in the Vargr Extents
  • Regenerated borders for Khoellighz, Windhorn, Mendan, Vland, Lishun, Antares, and tweaks in a few other sectors to make edges line up
Since I was playing around in a Win98 virtual machine I also made the map function in IE5. Search and the data display show mangled results, but I know the cause (it's using a newish feature of Javascript) so it's fixable; at least now you can still explore the map. Anyone care?

I have reports that dragging is no longer working in IE6 on WinXP since an update circa Jan 1st, but I can't reproduce the problem. Can anyone else? If so, tracking down the problem should be easy. Ω


Updated Data

A sharp eyed user noticed that the following worlds were missing:
Some digging revealed that in some cases the data I had which was indicated as being sourced from the GEnie upload was, in fact, post-processed and had lost some data. I wrote some tools to look for other inconsistencies and found one more Dark Nebula world that had gone missing.

After some soul searching, I decided to pull in updates to the data which had been made by a project led by Robert Eaglestone and Jim Fetters on the COTI board in 2005/2006 which analyzed the parts of the Atlas of the Imperium containing Imperial worlds as a run-up to scrubbed data for T5. This resulted in updated data for:
  • Alpha Crucis
  • Antares
  • Core
  • Corridor
  • Dagudashaag
  • Daibei
  • Delphi
  • Diaspora
  • Fornast
  • Gushemege
  • Ilelish
  • Lishun
  • Magyar
  • Massilia
  • Old Expanses
  • Reaver's Deep
  • Verge
  • Vland
  • Zarushagar
(Empty Quarter was also updated, but I kept the Stellar Reaches CT version.)

In theory, this process deleted 5 worlds but added 12. Let me know if you notice any new AotI inconsistencies.

[Update 2008-01-09]
The changes are:

No, I can't count - that's +9 -4, not +12 -5. The difference is the Empty Quarter (+3 -1) that I didn't incorporate. Ω


Research Stations and Subsector Pages

A few quick additions:
  • Research Station glyphs are now rendered (example). This is based on having "Rs" or "RsX" trade codes where X is some transliteration of a Greek letter (A, B, G, D, E, Z, H, T). There are very few of these in the dataset I have (Spinward Marches is missing them, for example) so they're spotty at best. If just "Rs" is specified, Gamma (Γ) is used (it's the first Greek letter that is distinctly non-Latin, it is used in the classic Spinward Marches poster for the map key, and it kinda looks like an "r")
  • Base codes beyond N, S, W, A, B get a little more special treatment than previously (they got a generic diamond). Depots are called out with boxes, Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan, Hiver and K'kree codes are distinguished slightly. You can tell a Clan base, Tlaukhu base, or both apart... but not from a Vargr Corsair base. You'll still have to look at the allegiance.
  • I did a quick experiment to play with the APIs: you can now pull up http://www.travellermap.com/subsector.htm?sector=Spinward+Marches&subsector=C and get a LBB-style page of the specified subsector.


Mobile fixes

Mobile-related changes:
  • Fixed searching in Mobile page - I'd accidentally broken it when doing some code cleanup
  • Made Enter key in search box work on the Mobile page from within Firefox
  • Added Mobile link to main page
  • Added tooltips to Mobile page
  • Slightly changed how you scroll (was a factor of 0.5 of the width/height, now it's 0.4)
Also, fixed a data error causing Hicongengiso to not appear, and fixed the IFRAME API docs Ω