Allegiance Fixes

Minor tweaks:



Blue Zones and Research Stations

Two tiny changes based on recent requests:

At the request of Alvin Plummer I've added support for "Blue Zones" the convention in Traveller TNE for Technologically Elevated Dictatorships. Since the map site is nominally 1100-era, there shouldn't be any of these visible but if you upload custom data that contains "B" for the travel zone (as opposed to "A" for Amber, "R" for Red, "F" for Zhodani/Forbidden and "U" for Zhodani/Unabsorbed) it will be rendered with a blue circle.

It was pointed out by Peter Darton that the Legend is missing a description of the Research Station glyphs. I've added this, although it's probably still not clear that the "Gamma" symbol Γ is only used if the actual station identifier is not known (e.g. Research Station Epsilon shows Ε).

Any suggestions for other trivial tweaks? Ω


Parameter Update - Styles

Previously, specifying the visual style of the map ("Poster", "Atlas", or "Candy") was done via the options query parameter. To simplify this and allow room for future expansion, a style parameter has been added. This takes one of the values "poster", "atlas" or "candy". Examples:

Legacy URLs that embed the style via options bits will continue to be supported indefinitely, but new "permalinks" will use the new parameter. The API documentation has been updated to reflect the new usage. Ω