Polity Labels / Reaver's Deep

I did a pass around the edges of the Imperium and tweaked the polity labels (yellow names) that appear when zoomed in. I tried to position them in non-horrible location. I also tossed one in for the Islands Cluster. Additional suggestions welcome.

Sectors away from the Imperium still need editing. Also, the government names I have for Reaver's Deep are in terrible shape. What should I use as the source for those?

Leave a comment if you see labels that could be improved. Ω

New Legend

A comment inquired about an updated legend to include more of the base types. After playing with updating the Legend Sector I realized that far too much space was being taken up that way. So I went back to the trusty old Spinward Marches poster and based a new legend on that. It's visible by a link in the control panel on the right.

You may notice a few consequential changes:

  • The layout UI and rules for the panels have changed - you can now expand/collapse any of the sections - Styles, Search, Legend and Scroll - by clicking on the header.
  • To implement efficiently required dropping support for IE6. Sorry, it's just not worth it.
  • The JumpMap API now takes an optional border parameter which allows you to drop the border. This is used by the legend to render the images "live", matching your current style.



Cleanup & Border Updates

Mish-mash of updates:

  • At some point recently I broke the default state of the flag controlling rendering of local polity names so they should now by default to rendering again.
  • I dusted off the border calculation code (doc, demo):
    • Added a page that will generate borders for a map sector considering the 8 adjacent sectors. Try it.  Sorry, doesn't work with uploaded sectors yet, but that should be easy to make work.
    • Fix border walk termination logic (would leave in a duplicate hex if the polity had a vertical left edge)
    • Added heuristic for bridging 1pc gaps in polities
  • The SEC API now optionally accepts sx/sy coordinates instead of sector (name) 
  • Work around what looks like a Chrome 14 bug with object creation. var o = {}; o.x = 'foo'; was claiming that the property was read only in some cases.
  • Updated borders for: Fa Dzaets, Trenchans, Gvurrdon, Tuglikki, Mendan, Amdukan, Deneb, Corridor, Solomani Rim


Bits Not Atoms!

As an FYI I've just put all of my hardcopy Traveller materials into storage. There is a slight chance that this could impact my ability to update the site, so I wanted to give everyone a warning. I haven't had to refer to them in a while but you never know.

While I was packing I did notice that the Vegan region borders on a printout of the site map did not match the Solomani Rim supplement, though. I'll try to fix those soon! Ω