Routes for Dagudashaag

Based on the excellent Traveller fanzine Signal-GK, I've added routes for Dagudashaag.

The routes are based on the sector xboat route maps printed in Issue #1. One of the routes shown there are missing from the subsector map in #4 (1409-1709), but the route is logical so I left it in.

Hats off to Leighton Piper for the reprinting work, Andrew Pickford for the original subsector map work and the rest of the Dagudashaag Development Team: J.Duncan Law-Green, Adie Stuart, Stuart Machin, Jae Campbell and Alison Nash.

I tweaked inter-sector routes into Vland and Core to join things up. I'm still not happy with the mess in Laraa near Reference (Core 0140) but I guess I need to wait for the rest of the reprints.

PS: Where's Telura Subsector, in issue #7 according to the Traveller Bibliography? Ω


Metadata/Credits Preview and other Minor Updates

I've updated the code behind the site (both the server side and the client side). There aren't any dramatic changes noticeable by users, but there might be bugs - so let me know!

New stuff:
  • You can now specify ?sector=name&hex=xxyy, for example: http://www.travellermap.com/?sector=Verge&hex=2612 - the page will automagically navigate for you, if it can find the sector. You can leave out the &hex=xxyy part too.
  • MSEC.aspx and Poster.aspx now return an HTTP 404 error if they can't find the target sector, instead of defaulting to Spinward Marches
  • Ran jslint.com over the client side scripts, and did some cleanup.
  • Added preliminary sector data and metadata for Kaa G!'kul/Numbis based on work by Mike McKeown
  • Created routes, cleaned up borders for Verge
  • Trojan Reach, Riftspan Reaches and Ealiyasiyw borders cleaned up a bit
  • Canopus subsectors added
The big pending change can be seen in-progress here:


As you scroll/zoom the map, world data and sector metadata (author, source, URL, etc) will be shown at the bottom of the page. The metadata isn't formatted in a particularly attractive way at the moment, nor is it complete, but this is the direction I'm planning to take with metadata. I may overlay the data on the map itself (lower right corner) rather than having it outside the frame - I'm not sure Ω