1100, here we come!

I'm much more of a fan of the Classic Traveller era (1100) than the earlier or later eras, and I'm attempting to have the map match that. To that end, I've "rolled back" the Trojan Reach and Reft sectors to match the Atlas of the Imperium allegiances. The data remains the same - based on DGP's Travellers' Digest #20.

I've also done a handful of additional border generations and route reconstitutions (from existing data). Here's the full list of changes;
  • Foreven: Added routes, allegiances and borders
  • Spinward Marches: Tweaked an outsector route from 2140, outsector border
  • Vanguard Reaches: Added subsectors, allegiances and borders
  • The Beyond: Added allegiances, routes and borders
  • Trojan Reach and Reft: Added 1100-era data, borders and routes
  • Far Frontiers: Border tweaks to align with Vanguard Reaches, Krobob allegiance corrected to Zh, Sorens added based on Trail of the Sky Raiders, corrected location of Afellahlah, Sorens allegiance corrected to Td
  • Poster.aspx: Show friendly error if no matching sector
  • MSEC.aspx: Show friendly error if no matching sector
  • MSEC.aspx: Group output by allegiance
Any requests for sectors to tackle next? Ω

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