In Review: Cano, Alde, Newo, Lang, Tien, Gash and Tren

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After a long break, I can announce some progress on the T5SS effort.

Marc continues to have a high level mandate to create a stable, consistent data set for the OTU as a tool for authors. This allows him (and others) to e.g. understand the impact of the Wave on charted space from 1105 to 1900, or figure how how the Vilani formed the Ziru Sirka along J-1 mains thousands of years earlier.

The canonical data set resides in Marc's hands. I've spent time over the last few weeks reconciling it with changes made by DonM between October and December 2015 that never made it back to Marc, as well as a handful of corrections applied directly to the site. We now once again have a consistent basis for the T5SS, and I can resuming make updates to the site from it.

Over the last few days I tackled three big additions to the T5SS data set. These are all now considered "In Review":

Feedback should be directed to the COTI T5SS thread.