Candy! Candy! Candy!

Based on some artwork by Wayne Peters (and used with permission), I've done an "eye candy" style treatment for my map site (to augment the colors-on-black style of the Spinward Marches poster and the black-on-white style of the Atlas and LBBs). Pick "Candy" in the drop-down in the upper right.

Check out the area around Regina.

It looks best when zoomed in to 128 pixels/parsec, and looks horrible when
zoomed out significantly.

And now that the rifts are much more visible in the "Candy" style (they used to only be drawn as voids in the fake stars visible when zoomed out). I've also updated the rift boundaries to correspond to star densities rather than the macro-scale borders. They match the micro-scale borders, and so look much better when zoomed in. I've also added the rift near Zhdant and details on the Lesser Rift taken from the Third Imperium fanzine's Map of Charted Space Insert.

Enjoy, and feedback welcome. Ω