Paranoia's retro Vanguard Reaches and Beyond

As I hinted at, I've swapped out the previous data for these two sectors and aligned the map with the publications by Paranoia Press, as can be found on the Apocrypha II CD-ROM by FFE.

They're a bit... um... crazy. But sure, why not. Pending an official do-over, enjoy their apocryphal glory. Watch out for nebulae. And rosettes. And ringworlds. And sphereworlds.

Vanguard Reaches



Paranoia's Vanguard Reaches / Beyond Data?

Anyone have the Paranoia Press versions of the Beyond and Vanguard Reaches data?

For reference, 0101 Vanguard Reaches would be "Bingzi-Bangzi" and 0102 Beyond would be "Station One".

The data I have right now is Chuck Kallenbach II's data, via the Internet Archive at
"In September of 1994, I created new data to illustrate the then current state of both the Vanguard Reaches sector and the Beyond sector for Traveller: The New Era. These are the most recent data concerning these sectors. ... All of these files are current as of 001-1200..."
Since it's all apocryphal anyway, I'd prefer to have the crazy retro Paranoia Press sectors in all their golden age glory. Anyone?

EDIT: I have hardcopies - I'm looking for nicely formatted SEC data files.

EDIT: I believe I have this sorted now. Details to follow...


Summary of recent updates

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