Vargr Allegiances and Rimward States

Done! I've now generated borders for every sector. Of course, some still need tweaking... but I think I'll take a break now.

Most recent changes:
  • Added borders for: Ohieraoi, Fahreahluis, Hfiywitir, Irlaftalea, Teahloarifu, Ahkiweahi', Iyiyukhtoi', Banners, Hanstone, Malorn, Hadji
  • Added allegiance codes from Vilani and Vargr
  • Show labels for regions even if they're standard allegiances (e.g. "Im", "Zh", etc)
  • Added labels for J-4 and J-5 rift spanning routes (micro-scale)
  • Added allegiance code for Regency of Muirimi (Theron and Iphigenaia)
  • Corrected allegiances of Eha and Yuhoahtiyol (Hanstone Sector) to match Solomani and Aslan
Oh, and I wanted to share this quote about the Julian Protectorate:

"The borders of the Julian Protectorate are not easy to define..." - Michael R. Mikesh, Challenge #49

No kidding!

Take a peek at how I did it, and let me know what you think. Ω


BeRKA said...

I just wanted to say that I really like Your recent updates. :-)

Gill Smoke said...

If berka sez "I like it" you really have done well. I love watching your labor of love evolve and grow. I visit often. don't quit.