T5SS Review Update: Far Frontiers!

My favorite sector, Far Frontiers, has started review by the T5SS!

The sector is the home of the FASA adventures such as the Sky Raiders trilogy. The Jungleblut subsector was detailed in Trail of the Sky Raiders. The Alsas subsector was detailed by Bill Fawcett in "Privateer", an article in Gameplay magazine. Dale Kemper produced a manuscript including these details and fleshing out the rest of the rimward half of the sector as a manuscript intended for publication by FASA, but it didn't make it to print before FASA ended support for Traveller. It was later published (with minor changes) in ARES Magazine Special Edition #2, and republished in The Traveller Chronicle, issues 2 through 4.

The sector is called Afachtiabr by the Zhodani who dominate the coreward half, which was detailed by James "GypsyComet" Kundert and published in The Traveller Chronicle, issues 5 through 8.

Art Gorski has put together a comprehensive list of references to the Far Frontiers sector over at RPGGeek. The biggest change in the T5SS version from earlier visits to the sector is that the Zhodani's Colonnade Administrative District is now known as the Colonnade Province of the Zhodani Consulate. This region extends into the neighboring Beyond sector, also in review by the T5SS.

Issues and feedback appreciated here, or on COTI.