Mid-2019 Update

2018 was a bit of a slow year for the site, and a busy year for me, so I didn't end up putting up the usual January post this year. Quick recap of what's happened since Jan 2018:

  • Added or updated various apocryphal sectors: Foreven (Imperial Staple), Fulani (TTT), Meshan (NCR), Marischal, c/o Graham Donald
  • Updated Distant Fringe setting by Ade Stewart
  • Updated Orion OB1 setting by WG Zeist
  • Added Mavuzog by Ade Stewart, companion sector to Theta Borealis
  • Zhiaqrqiats and Datsatl rework by Adrian Tymes
  • Added the Kidunal Rift (rim-trailing edge of Hiver space), present on early maps
  • Added the Keawe Rift (in the Aslan Heirate), present on early maps
  • Expanded the Zhdant Abyss (in the Zhodani Consulate)
  • Various minor data fixes.