Mnemosyne Principality

Quick edit for tonight - I've switched to "Mn" for the Mnemosyne Principality allegiance code in Far Frontiers - Dale's manuscript predates two letter codes, so I decided to follow BeRKA's lead.

While I was there, I made sure the borders lined up. I waffled on this - Dale's manuscript actually has closed borders for the Principality, unlike the Trelyn Domain which clearly extended outside of the sector. In the end, I decided to go with merged borders with Foreven.

If I ever had to waffle back the other way, I'd explain that the Principality is divided into two administrative provinces with a division along the sector boundaries. Or something.

(Some day I'll have to tackle the Julian Protectorate. That's going to be a lot less fun.) Ω


Gill Smoke said...

I see you don't get many comments.
Keep up the great work. I visit your site all the time and LOVE the map. Are the UWP's going to be displayed at some point? Like click a star, Name and UWP on right?

Joshua Bell said...


Yes, UWPs will be displayed someday. Soon, hopefully. Before I got hooked on the borders (and other metadata) I was experimenting with something along these lines.

The primary reason I wanted to do it was to display source, credits and era for particular regions. But including the UWP is easy.

I have most of the code written - the HTML page waits until you hover over a spot on the map, then fires a request off to the server which returns the data and metadata for that point. The big missing piece is actually the server side tracking of metadata - which could be heirarchical in cases. So as a test case I have it returning just the name and UWP.

I'll finish it off at some point... I'm getting close to running out of metadata to add.

Unless I fall into the alternate eras / timelines / datasets trap.