Dark Nebula cleanup help? - DONE!

To verify some world names (among other reasons), I retrieved my Traveller hardcopies from storage. My back is still recovering - dead trees are heavy!

Two of the pesky names were in Dark Nebula as published in DGP's Solomani and Aslan, and as suspected the names in the SEC files floating around are incorrect, due to transcription or OCR errors. I did a quick visual scan and it looks like as many as 10% of the world names have glitches (i/l or l/t confusion, primarily).

Does anyone want to help verify the names? I send you my SEC and scans of the UWP tables, you send me back a corrected SEC. All I can offer is fame and gratitude in return.

(Or you could sneakily rename a world after your cat or something.)

UPDATE: And thanks to help from Don McKinney, Dark Nebula has been updated. I'm not sure where the file I had originated, but L.W.L.Guatney transcribed a corrected one back in 1993. Andrew Brandford had also volunteered to help, so he also deserves the community's thanks.