Imperiallines is back!

I just got the news from FFE - the old GDW newsletter Imperiallines has been resurrected by FFE to support T5.

T5 Imperiallines 06 is available on DriveThruRPG

At least check out the preview of the first page... if you're fans of mapping the OTU, you may find a teaser for good things to come!


Hosting Provider DDoS

DiscountASP.NET - the hosting provider for TravellerMap.com - is suffering from a DDoS attack so the map site is sluggish/unresponsive at the moment.

You can follow along on Twitter for details:


Good luck, guys!


UPDATE: This appears to be resolved. Ω


iOS issue? - FIXED

I pushed a code change to the site and, for some reason I haven't been able to determine yet, the site is failing to initialize properly when launched directly from the homescreen on iOS. If you load it in Safari it's fine.

I'll fix ASAP.


Fixed. I just needed to ensure that older versions of the scripts weren't used.

I also noticed and fixed an issue with "Add to Home Screen" - if you have moved the map from the default location before you pick "Add to..." it would embed the new location and options in the saved URL, and every time you open the map in "standalone" mode it will return to those coordinates; this annoying if you were at a random location/scale and particularly annoying if you had "Save Location" checked. Now the saved URL parameters are ignored if running "standalone".



Save Location & Save Preferences

If you're a long-time user of the site, you may not have noticed some options that I added recently under the settings (gear) menu:

  • Save Preferences
  • Save Location
If selected, these use your browser's local storage mechanism to persist the settings options (style, what to show, etc) and location (what coordinates are centered in the view) for the next time you visit the site. These options are particularly valuable on devices like the iPhone where you can "Add Link to Home Screen", so that if you switch away from the app and back again you won't lose your context.

These days, I find I usually check the options "Filled Borders" and "Dim Unofficial Data" since I want to look for flaws like missing borders or incomplete routes and prioritize corrections, but you may have different options you want to keep.

Anyway - use 'em if you want 'em. Each device you use to access the site will "remember" your settings differently. If you check "Save Location" but want to get back to an overview of Charted Space, click the "Home" button.