Waroatahe... anyone?

I finally picked up a copy of Alien Realms (one of the last Classic Traveller publications by GDW) for a not too hideous price on eBay, and lo and behold it has a map!

Okay, it's a tiny little map, 8 parsecs by 6 parsecs. But it's of the Waroatahe sector deep in the Aslan Heirate. Cool! It even has tidbits (not UWPs) of several worlds:
  • Eauahkusoilr
  • Ra'akhtaisaaoeah
  • Ewew
  • Aihuarouea
  • Hlaiheih
  • Suisahruistalal
  • Eaausaarai
  • Haiftakh (on the map, but no details)
Interestingly, none of these show up in Google, although several links to Waroatahe data do. The version my map has was "...created from the dot-plot in Solomani & Aslan by jaymin@maths.tcd.ie"

Has anyone taken a stab at reconciling the dotmap with the Alien Realms map? I'm not seeing anything that matches. Ω


Vargr Allegiances and Rimward States

Done! I've now generated borders for every sector. Of course, some still need tweaking... but I think I'll take a break now.

Most recent changes:
  • Added borders for: Ohieraoi, Fahreahluis, Hfiywitir, Irlaftalea, Teahloarifu, Ahkiweahi', Iyiyukhtoi', Banners, Hanstone, Malorn, Hadji
  • Added allegiance codes from Vilani and Vargr
  • Show labels for regions even if they're standard allegiances (e.g. "Im", "Zh", etc)
  • Added labels for J-4 and J-5 rift spanning routes (micro-scale)
  • Added allegiance code for Regency of Muirimi (Theron and Iphigenaia)
  • Corrected allegiances of Eha and Yuhoahtiyol (Hanstone Sector) to match Solomani and Aslan
Oh, and I wanted to share this quote about the Julian Protectorate:

"The borders of the Julian Protectorate are not easy to define..." - Michael R. Mikesh, Challenge #49

No kidding!

Take a peek at how I did it, and let me know what you think. Ω


Vargr Extents - Borderific!

No hyperlinks today - find your own damn sectors!

Borders for:
  • Vargr Extents: Khoellighz, Dhuerorrg, Ngathksirz, Fa Dzaets, Gzaefueg, Gvurrdon, Tuglikki, Provence, Windhorn, Meshan, Rzakki, Listanaya, Ksinanirz, Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh, Knaeleng, Kharrthon, Oeghz Vaerrghr, Kfazz Ghik
  • Gashikan Empire: Gashikan, Trenchan
  • Julian Protectorate: Mendan, Amdukan, Ingukrax (Arzul), Antares, Empty Quarter, Star's End
  • Vargr Enclaves: Ktiin'gzat, Mugheen't
  • Zhodani Consulate: Zhodane
  • Spinward States: Fulani, Theron, Iphigenaia, Touchstone
Um... I think that leaves a few things scattered rimward of the Aslan Hierate. I do need to still transcribe the actual allegiances for a lot of these, though.

Parser changes (i.e. look for corrected allegiances):
  • Force PBG to be digits (0-9, 0-F, 0-F) to avoid matching stellar data "G5V DM" as PGB/Allegiance
  • Tweaked regex to match "JP/" prefix on allegiances (Julian Protectorate)
  • "olive" back to "olivedrab" (used for Vargr regions)


Data Cleanup and K'kree/Hiver borders

A few more borders in Hiver and K'kree space:

...and then some data cleanup that I realized was necessary when I got there!

I noticed in some of the “outlying” sectors (i.e. non GEnie data) that the UWP parser was misinterpreting some worlds (e.g. thinking the PBG was a trade code, the allegiance was PBG, and the stellar data was the allegiance) or missing some worlds entirely. This is because when I started I used a very loose pattern matching system to try and incorporate lots of different data sets without editing the sector data itself. This turns out to be intractable, so I’ve given up and tweaked the data in some sectors to be a little less quirky, and tightened up the parser. The site should also be marginally faster in loading data (i.e. if no-one has viewed a region in a few seconds).

It's possible that a few worlds have now suddenly popped into existence elsewhere. If you notice borders that are shy a few parsecs of a world, let me know!

Data tweaks:

While I was there, I wrote some tools to validate the data and corrected some simple typos or missing digits in other sectors:



How is the metadata coming?

I made a tweak to the renderer to use the "micro-scale" borders at macro-scale to create the above picture, which shows how many borders have been generated so far. My goal is to switch to using the generated borders (sufficiently smoothed and merged with hand-drawn borders) at some point. They'll stay red at the large scale.

I'm actually farther along that it looks - very little of the Hive Federation or 2000 Worlds has been mapped out. There are a few more sectors in the Spinward and Trailing client states that need border generation, and of course the Vargr Extents. Ω


The Lion, the Routes and the Borders

Well, maybe not the routes. But the Aslan borders are now complete (ish).

And since there were only a few, I generated Hive Federation borders for Phlask, Lorspane, and Drakken (sectors by Bari Z. Stafford, Sr.)

I also noticed and fixed a PBG glitch for for Hfualael - a "Solomani and Aslan Dotmap Reconstruction" world which had a (had a bogus G caused by an overflow in the ancient C code generator program)



Zhodani Borders - Done! (I think)

A few quickie routes and borders:
Apart from a few rough edges I think that brings the Zhodani Consulate borders to completion - not counting the Core Route, of course. Ω


Mnemosyne Principality

Quick edit for tonight - I've switched to "Mn" for the Mnemosyne Principality allegiance code in Far Frontiers - Dale's manuscript predates two letter codes, so I decided to follow BeRKA's lead.

While I was there, I made sure the borders lined up. I waffled on this - Dale's manuscript actually has closed borders for the Principality, unlike the Trelyn Domain which clearly extended outside of the sector. In the end, I decided to go with merged borders with Foreven.

If I ever had to waffle back the other way, I'd explain that the Principality is divided into two administrative provinces with a division along the sector boundaries. Or something.

(Some day I'll have to tackle the Julian Protectorate. That's going to be a lot less fun.) Ω


1100, here we come!

I'm much more of a fan of the Classic Traveller era (1100) than the earlier or later eras, and I'm attempting to have the map match that. To that end, I've "rolled back" the Trojan Reach and Reft sectors to match the Atlas of the Imperium allegiances. The data remains the same - based on DGP's Travellers' Digest #20.

I've also done a handful of additional border generations and route reconstitutions (from existing data). Here's the full list of changes;
  • Foreven: Added routes, allegiances and borders
  • Spinward Marches: Tweaked an outsector route from 2140, outsector border
  • Vanguard Reaches: Added subsectors, allegiances and borders
  • The Beyond: Added allegiances, routes and borders
  • Trojan Reach and Reft: Added 1100-era data, borders and routes
  • Far Frontiers: Border tweaks to align with Vanguard Reaches, Krobob allegiance corrected to Zh, Sorens added based on Trail of the Sky Raiders, corrected location of Afellahlah, Sorens allegiance corrected to Td
  • Poster.aspx: Show friendly error if no matching sector
  • MSEC.aspx: Show friendly error if no matching sector
  • MSEC.aspx: Group output by allegiance
Any requests for sectors to tackle next? Ω