Bug Fix: Dragging

Fixed dragging when Galactic Directions are not shown. Ω


Rendering Change: Galactic Structure

Added Galactic Arms/Rifts & Intergalactic Rift to the pseudo-random stars; if you explore out far enough you'll run out of stars. Ω


Added Content: Zhodani Core Route

Added the Zhodani Core Route - 167 sectors leading to the edge of the Galactic Core developed by Clifford Linehan, from The Core Route Projects. Ω

What this site looked like in 1985

Added some images of v0.1 of the map, circa 1985 Charted Space and Sector Map. Ω


Rendering Change: Delphi Rift

The Delphi Rift is now rendered at large scales. Ω

Updated Content: Atlas of the Imperium

Replaced the quadrangle from Spinward Marches to Spica with CT-era data from the Map of Traveller Charted Space (the previous data was MT-era) Ω


Added Content: Chtierabl and Zdiedeiant

Added the Chtierabl and Zdiedeiant sectors with BeRKA's data from The Core Route Projects. Ω

Updated Content: Extolian and Ktiin'gzat

Updated the Extolian and Ktiin'gzat sectors with Leroy W. L. Guatney's data, from his Federation Development Agency. Ω

Updated Content: Foreven and Leonidae

Updated the Foreven and Leonidae sectors with data from BeRKA's Zhodani Base. Ω

Added/Updated Content: Rim-Trailing Sectors

Added/updated the data for the Phlask, Drakken, Lorspane, Darret, Ataurre, Muarne, and Lancask sectors with Bari Z. Stafford Sr.'s data from The Core Route Projects. Ω


Added Content: Coreward Sector

Added data from John G. Wood's Underdeveloped Sectors (many sectors in Vargr, Zhodani and K'kree space Coreward of the Imperium). Ω


Added Content: Trailing Sectors

Added data from BeRKA's Zhodani Base for the Darret, Drakken, Extolian, Leonidae, Lorspane, Phlask and Ktiin'gzat sectors (Trailing of the Imperium). Ω