Deneb, Ziafrplians, SectorMetaData, bug fixes

A few recent updates, tweaks and fixes:
  • Updated data for Ziafrplians from Don McKinney. This is the same data as used for the Zhodani Alien Module recently published by Mongoose, now a canonical part of the OTU. Check out the book for many more details about the sector, of course.
  • Updated data for Deneb by Robert Eaglestone, including a few X-boat route tweaks. This is part of the ongoing T5 data cleanup project. Expect the rest of the Domain of Deneb to follow at some point soon.
  • A new SectorMetaData API
  • Tweaked Candy Style rendering. Now includes UWP at high scales, and scales a little more nicely.
  • Fixed behavior of the experimental touch version when moving from "pinch" to "drag" (i.e. letting go of one finger while the other is still touching)