Data Overview 2017

It's that time of year when look at the current state of the Traveller Map and the changes that happened over the last 12 months. (Past Overviews)

General Updates

Following the passing of Don McKinney just over a year ago a lot of the momentum for the Traveller 5 Second Survey project was lost, but contributors to the site kept iterating on and providing new data. Some of the updates include:
Data Overview 2017

Milieu Support

To assist in the development of the new "Galaxiad" setting set in the far, far future of M1900 I added milieu support. Several developers jumped on the bandwagon to adapt published sectors or placeholders for borders from various eras in the history of Charted Space. The data in most of the milieu is pretty sparse as yet.

IW c/o by Randy Dorman

M0 data c/o Michael Gonzalez

M1120 c/o Michael Gonzalez

M1201 data c/o Mark Humphreys
M1248 data c/o Michael Gonzalez

M1900 data by Rob Eaglestone

I added a few new visualizations, as well as experimental UI to control them.

You can see the Empress Wave bearing down on charted space circa M1105:

Empress Wave circa 1105

And turn on visualizing Jump-1 mains - here the Vilani Main:

Vilani Main

Or see depictions of stellar data to look for anomalies:

Stellar Data


Finally, towards the end of 2016 we rebooted the Traveller 5 Second Survey effort. Several additional sectors have been brought "In Review" and we've begun to do more cleanup of the data, looking for glitches that have crept it and making progress on the work Don started:

Now in review, joining the T5SS data set:
So here's the overview with unofficial data dimmed:

Unofficial data dimmed

And coverage vs. the classic Imperium poster:

Charted Space

Happy New Year!