Offline for a bit (me, not the map)

I'm on vacation through April and won't have reliable 'net connectivity. Enjoy it while I'm gone, but don't expect any changes! Ω


Core Route - Literally

I'm playing with sorting out allegiances at the moment and there's nothing to see yet. But along the way I reviewed the Clifford Linehan's Zhodani Core Route data which I'd previously incorporated. And of course he actually charted out the routes in Galactic. So I rejiggered my SAR-to-SEC+XML converter and now I have the core route in it's full glorious detail. Ω


Routes: Massilia, Antares and Fornast

Jeff Zeitlin's work on the Antares and Fornast sectors has been incorporated, at least as far as routes go. Massilia routes are from TD #11.

So as far as routes go, things are getting pretty complete. A little bird told me that someone is doing development in the Gushemege/Dagudashaag/Ilelish/Zarushagar areas, so maybe those will be pieced in soon. Really, that just leaves Delphi, Diaspora and Verge as 3I sectors without routes.

Of course, then there's actually making the routes make sense and/or line up. Ω