Beta Appearance Options

There are now some "hidden" appearance options. Scroll down the controls on the top left and you'll find three new "beta" options. All of these are experimental and could change or disappear at any time.

Force Hexes

This forces hexes to always be rendered... as hexagons. This applies at the 16 and 32 pixels/parsec scale. The map usually renders hexes as squares (well, rectangles) to match the Atlas of the Imperium and route maps printed in the Travellers Digest.

World Colors

An attempt at providing more information about worlds. This currently only applies at the 64 pixels/parsec and up. The color codes are currently:
  • Rich and Agricultural: gold 
  • Agricultural: green 
  • Rich: purple  
  • Industrial: gray  
  • Corrosive/insidious/etc: rust 
  • Vacuum: black 
  • Liquid water: blue 
  • Otherwise: white

Filled Borders

As previous discussed. It's pretty, you should try it out. This only applies when micro-scale borders are rendered - i.e. 4 pixels/parsec and up.

These features haven't been extensively tested and may not make sense in all styles. Feedback is very much appreciated.


Small tweaks and fixes

Just fit and finish:

  • The Spinward/Rimward galactic direction display indicators are now rotated to match the Imperium Map poster (tested in IE8, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Double-clicking now correctly centers what you double clicked on. Previously, it was off by 15 or so pixels (half a parsec)
  • The Credits display at the bottom now shows the subsector name (and index) for the targeted location..
  • Some macro-scale labels were cut off too early as you zoomed in. I fixed that, but also tweaked the scale thresholds for various elements. The new thresholds are documented in the info page



Subsector names vs. clutter

Subsector names no longer render at 64 pixels/parsec scale (that's the standard zoomed in level). The map was seeming too cluttered to me. This does mean less information will be available on sector posters, so I may revert this change. Ω


Macro Routes and Label Cleanup

I've added "macro scale" routes - the Jump-5, Jump-4, and Zhodani Core Routes, visible at low zoom levels. These aren't visible if you zoom out too far because they make the map ugly. They also disappear if you zoom in, well before the micro-scale routes, because they don't line up well. I'll try and fix that - I've already tweaked K'kree Outpost borders in Gn'hk'r/Gelath slightly.

Other changes and bug fixes:

  • Polity labels now wrap correctly in PDF Posters (example)
  • Added CORS note to API docs - short version: modern browsers make the JSONP hack unnecessary
  • Fix glyph layout in the side-bar Legend
  • Smaller names at the macro scale (e.g. J-5 Route) now show by default. This changes the map's default option value to 1015. Older permalinks won't have this set, adjust if necessary.



Sneak Preview: Filled Borders

Sneak preview of the "filled border" functionality:

This is still only a 99% solution - there are tiny gaps when using "candy style" borders near sector boundaries, where a few pixels inside the border might not be filled. Only noticeable if you go looking, and fixing that would be extremely computationally expensive, so I probably won't bother. Other minor issues include overlapping polities such as the Vegan Autonomous District (Spinward Marches), Ral Ranta (Hinterworlds), and the sub-polities of the Julian Protectorate - the translucent backgrounds blend. Also, world names (and the worlds themselves) have a black background - I may try and fix that.

This will be controlled by an option/parameter, but I haven't hooked that up yet.

One issue is that this makes the polities without micro-scale borders - namely, the Hive Federation and Two Thousand Worlds - more glaringly incomplete. I could toss in "make this entire sector purple/green" placeholders like I did for Stiatlchepr. Opinions? Ω


Credits Links

A minor tweak I've been meaning to do for a while now: in the "credits" area at the bottom, the sector name is now a link to the LBB generator page, and a link to the PDF poster generator is added after the sector data link.

I've also started some substantial modernization work to the HTML/CSS/JavaScript behind the page. If anything broke please let me know, as I'm not being as diligent as I could be in testing on all browsers.

Completely unrelated: I've also started experimenting with shaded regions as a rendering option, but while a 95% solution was easy the 100% solution will require more thought and effort - dang hexes! This is not enabled yet. Ω


Metadata Tweaks

Some minor cleanup:



Polity Labels / Reaver's Deep

I did a pass around the edges of the Imperium and tweaked the polity labels (yellow names) that appear when zoomed in. I tried to position them in non-horrible location. I also tossed one in for the Islands Cluster. Additional suggestions welcome.

Sectors away from the Imperium still need editing. Also, the government names I have for Reaver's Deep are in terrible shape. What should I use as the source for those?

Leave a comment if you see labels that could be improved. Ω

New Legend

A comment inquired about an updated legend to include more of the base types. After playing with updating the Legend Sector I realized that far too much space was being taken up that way. So I went back to the trusty old Spinward Marches poster and based a new legend on that. It's visible by a link in the control panel on the right.

You may notice a few consequential changes:

  • The layout UI and rules for the panels have changed - you can now expand/collapse any of the sections - Styles, Search, Legend and Scroll - by clicking on the header.
  • To implement efficiently required dropping support for IE6. Sorry, it's just not worth it.
  • The JumpMap API now takes an optional border parameter which allows you to drop the border. This is used by the legend to render the images "live", matching your current style.



Cleanup & Border Updates

Mish-mash of updates:

  • At some point recently I broke the default state of the flag controlling rendering of local polity names so they should now by default to rendering again.
  • I dusted off the border calculation code (doc, demo):
    • Added a page that will generate borders for a map sector considering the 8 adjacent sectors. Try it.  Sorry, doesn't work with uploaded sectors yet, but that should be easy to make work.
    • Fix border walk termination logic (would leave in a duplicate hex if the polity had a vertical left edge)
    • Added heuristic for bridging 1pc gaps in polities
  • The SEC API now optionally accepts sx/sy coordinates instead of sector (name) 
  • Work around what looks like a Chrome 14 bug with object creation. var o = {}; o.x = 'foo'; was claiming that the property was read only in some cases.
  • Updated borders for: Fa Dzaets, Trenchans, Gvurrdon, Tuglikki, Mendan, Amdukan, Deneb, Corridor, Solomani Rim


Bits Not Atoms!

As an FYI I've just put all of my hardcopy Traveller materials into storage. There is a slight chance that this could impact my ability to update the site, so I wanted to give everyone a warning. I haven't had to refer to them in a while but you never know.

While I was packing I did notice that the Vegan region borders on a printout of the site map did not match the Solomani Rim supplement, though. I'll try to fix those soon! Ω


Deneb, Ziafrplians, SectorMetaData, bug fixes

A few recent updates, tweaks and fixes:
  • Updated data for Ziafrplians from Don McKinney. This is the same data as used for the Zhodani Alien Module recently published by Mongoose, now a canonical part of the OTU. Check out the book for many more details about the sector, of course.
  • Updated data for Deneb by Robert Eaglestone, including a few X-boat route tweaks. This is part of the ongoing T5 data cleanup project. Expect the rest of the Domain of Deneb to follow at some point soon.
  • A new SectorMetaData API
  • Tweaked Candy Style rendering. Now includes UWP at high scales, and scales a little more nicely.
  • Fixed behavior of the experimental touch version when moving from "pinch" to "drag" (i.e. letting go of one finger while the other is still touching)


Bug Fix: Response Content Types

In a recent change I accidentally made the "Data" APIs (Coordinates, Credits, JumpWorlds, Search, Universe) produce JSON instead of XML unless otherwise requested if the default was XML. This has been corrected - the default content types should now be as documented in the API page.

While I don't intent to change the default data format for any API call - to maintain compatibility - new APIs may default to JSON... at least, until the Next Great Format comes along. To be robust, make sure you're requesting a specific format using the HTTP "Accept" header. Currently supported formats are:

  • XML: text/xml
  • JSON: application/json


New Printer-Friendly Style

Based on a handful of requests, I've added a new style, "Print" (a.k.a. "print" in the API) which is better suited for color printing than either "Poster" (which consumes black ink) or "Atlas" (which is grayscale-only).

The colors for routes, borders and bases should be left alone unless they're close to white, in which case a default color will be used, unlike "Atlas" style where fixed colors are used everywhere. This was a bit of a rush job so I may have missed a few cases (where I need to explicitly override a color) or introduced bugs, so let me know if something doesn't look quite right.



Minor fixes, interface tweaks

In order to increase the screen area available for search results, I've increased the section of the right-hand control panel that expands/collapses to include all of the style/appearance options. Previously this included only the label options. Also, to make the "Scroll Map" buttons more useful they now scroll the map by a much greater distance, and the scrolling is animated.

Feedback appreciated. I'm still trying to retain the visual style of the GURPS Traveller mockup that was the inspiration for the site. Is that holding the map back too much? Should I move to a more modern appearance with controls overlaying the map? (I'm planning to do that anyway for the touch-based version)

A handful of tiny bug fixes:

  • legend popup once again shows using current visual style
  • blue zones (for TNE) now render as gray in Atlas style (thanks to Alvin Plumber for the bug report)
  • Cleaned up metadata glitches in the XML (thanks to Mark McSweeny for the bug report)
  • Prevent overlapping map animations



Allegiance Fixes

Minor tweaks:



Blue Zones and Research Stations

Two tiny changes based on recent requests:

At the request of Alvin Plummer I've added support for "Blue Zones" the convention in Traveller TNE for Technologically Elevated Dictatorships. Since the map site is nominally 1100-era, there shouldn't be any of these visible but if you upload custom data that contains "B" for the travel zone (as opposed to "A" for Amber, "R" for Red, "F" for Zhodani/Forbidden and "U" for Zhodani/Unabsorbed) it will be rendered with a blue circle.

It was pointed out by Peter Darton that the Legend is missing a description of the Research Station glyphs. I've added this, although it's probably still not clear that the "Gamma" symbol Γ is only used if the actual station identifier is not known (e.g. Research Station Epsilon shows Ε).

Any suggestions for other trivial tweaks? Ω


Parameter Update - Styles

Previously, specifying the visual style of the map ("Poster", "Atlas", or "Candy") was done via the options query parameter. To simplify this and allow room for future expansion, a style parameter has been added. This takes one of the values "poster", "atlas" or "candy". Examples:

Legacy URLs that embed the style via options bits will continue to be supported indefinitely, but new "permalinks" will use the new parameter. The API documentation has been updated to reflect the new usage. Ω