Rendering Change: Labels for Rifts

Added labels for the Great and Lesser Rifts. You're on your own for Windhorn and Delphi, though. Ω


Content Fix: Added Home (Aldebaran 1009)

Added Home (Aldebaran 1009), capital of the Solomani Confederacy. Thanks to Marty Carungay. Not called out as a capital yet; I'm still pondering that - and the spellings. Ω


Performance: Server Resource Caching (or: don't reinvent the wheel)

Switched from caching resources using HttpApplicationState to System.Web.Caching.Cache. The previous "cache" mechanism effectively kept everything in memory, which made IIS/ASP.NET think there was a memory leak and recycle the app domain on a regular basis. The server should be much happier. In concrete terms, the map should generally be more responsive now. Ω


New Feature: Permalinks

Added Permalink to the bottom of the frame. This records the view state (location, zoom, and options) so you can bookmark a particular location or send it to a friend. Ω