Route Finding

How long does it take to get from Regina (SPIN 1910) to Woochiers (SPIN 2207) at Jump-1? A long, long time:

I've added a route finding feature. Hit the route button to the right of the search box.
  • Start/end location can be entered as Sector Hex, e.g. Spinward Marches 1910
    • T5SS sector abbreviations are okay: SPIN 1910 works too
  • Otherwise, the map uses the nearest matching world name. So you can plug in Regina and Woochiers (but it might get confused if there are duplicate world names)
  • Not usable on mobile-sized screens yet
  • Can't click/tap to set locations
  • Can't filter route (e.g. only wilderness refueling, no red zones, prefer Im)
But even given that, it's still fun. Here's Regina to Terra at J-4:

And at J-5:

Route Finding Wish List on the Traveller Map Trello Board

API documentation is up: http://travellermap.com/doc/api#route

I also fixed some routing bugs in Path Finder but that utility is now considered deprecated and no longer linked from the main page. I'll keep it around as it allows route calculations in custom sectors, but it probably won't get more love.

And congratulations to Mongoose Publishing on the new edition of Traveller! Ω