Vargr Extents - Borderific!

No hyperlinks today - find your own damn sectors!

Borders for:
  • Vargr Extents: Khoellighz, Dhuerorrg, Ngathksirz, Fa Dzaets, Gzaefueg, Gvurrdon, Tuglikki, Provence, Windhorn, Meshan, Rzakki, Listanaya, Ksinanirz, Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh, Knaeleng, Kharrthon, Oeghz Vaerrghr, Kfazz Ghik
  • Gashikan Empire: Gashikan, Trenchan
  • Julian Protectorate: Mendan, Amdukan, Ingukrax (Arzul), Antares, Empty Quarter, Star's End
  • Vargr Enclaves: Ktiin'gzat, Mugheen't
  • Zhodani Consulate: Zhodane
  • Spinward States: Fulani, Theron, Iphigenaia, Touchstone
Um... I think that leaves a few things scattered rimward of the Aslan Hierate. I do need to still transcribe the actual allegiances for a lot of these, though.

Parser changes (i.e. look for corrected allegiances):
  • Force PBG to be digits (0-9, 0-F, 0-F) to avoid matching stellar data "G5V DM" as PGB/Allegiance
  • Tweaked regex to match "JP/" prefix on allegiances (Julian Protectorate)
  • "olive" back to "olivedrab" (used for Vargr regions)

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