Performance: Tiles are now 256x256

Changed tile size from 150x150 to 256x256; appears to degrade server perf slightly, but should reduce the number of connections and thus improve latency of updates. Need to test. Ω


Updated Content: Capital and Reference

Patched data for Core sector; had Sylea and Aadkhien (historical names) instead of Capital and Reference (this map is nominally CT-era). Ω

Rendering Change: Dotmap shown at 4 pixels/parsec

Show "dotmap" at 4 pixels/parsec. I'm now satisfied with how the various zoom levels are shown. Ω


New Feature: Double-click to center

You can now double-click to center the map on a point. Ω

Implementation Details for Galactic Structure

Re-implemented the Galactic Arms/Rifts & Intergalactic Rifts; looks the same but I'm happier now. You can now zoom out to see the entire galaxy (1/32 pixels/parsec). Ω