Macro Routes and Label Cleanup

I've added "macro scale" routes - the Jump-5, Jump-4, and Zhodani Core Routes, visible at low zoom levels. These aren't visible if you zoom out too far because they make the map ugly. They also disappear if you zoom in, well before the micro-scale routes, because they don't line up well. I'll try and fix that - I've already tweaked K'kree Outpost borders in Gn'hk'r/Gelath slightly.

Other changes and bug fixes:

  • Polity labels now wrap correctly in PDF Posters (example)
  • Added CORS note to API docs - short version: modern browsers make the JSONP hack unnecessary
  • Fix glyph layout in the side-bar Legend
  • Smaller names at the macro scale (e.g. J-5 Route) now show by default. This changes the map's default option value to 1015. Older permalinks won't have this set, adjust if necessary.


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