Cleanup & Border Updates

Mish-mash of updates:

  • At some point recently I broke the default state of the flag controlling rendering of local polity names so they should now by default to rendering again.
  • I dusted off the border calculation code (doc, demo):
    • Added a page that will generate borders for a map sector considering the 8 adjacent sectors. Try it.  Sorry, doesn't work with uploaded sectors yet, but that should be easy to make work.
    • Fix border walk termination logic (would leave in a duplicate hex if the polity had a vertical left edge)
    • Added heuristic for bridging 1pc gaps in polities
  • The SEC API now optionally accepts sx/sy coordinates instead of sector (name) 
  • Work around what looks like a Chrome 14 bug with object creation. var o = {}; o.x = 'foo'; was claiming that the property was read only in some cases.
  • Updated borders for: Fa Dzaets, Trenchans, Gvurrdon, Tuglikki, Mendan, Amdukan, Deneb, Corridor, Solomani Rim

1 comment:

LeperColony said...

Thank you very much for creating and hosting this site. It's a great resource for Traveller games, and it's fun to just look around at the map and enjoy the scale of the universe.

However, one small critique, your legend doesn't identify all the symbols you use. Some notable (but not exhaustive) absences are naval depots (red squares) and Vargr bases (4 pointed star things). Any chance of a legend update any time?