New Printer-Friendly Style

Based on a handful of requests, I've added a new style, "Print" (a.k.a. "print" in the API) which is better suited for color printing than either "Poster" (which consumes black ink) or "Atlas" (which is grayscale-only).

The colors for routes, borders and bases should be left alone unless they're close to white, in which case a default color will be used, unlike "Atlas" style where fixed colors are used everywhere. This was a bit of a rush job so I may have missed a few cases (where I need to explicitly override a color) or introduced bugs, so let me know if something doesn't look quite right.



BeRKA said...

Very nice! I like it.

hbeverly said...

I like it also. Did you hear about the upcoming Traveller iPhone Game? they are doing a sweepstakes to name a Star System & have a new video as well: http://www.traveller-ar.com/2011/03/23/name-a-system-sweepstakes-and-new-video/

Eric Wilde said...

Hi Joshua. Excellent work on the map. I'm throwing together a set of classic traveller tools in order to learn how to implement AIR applications. I'm a bit slow as I've not written code in a dozen years or so; but, my next project was an AIR app that mimics some of your functionality.

Mind if I use your data and API?

This is totally not for profit and just a way for me to learn Flex and AIR