New Legend

A comment inquired about an updated legend to include more of the base types. After playing with updating the Legend Sector I realized that far too much space was being taken up that way. So I went back to the trusty old Spinward Marches poster and based a new legend on that. It's visible by a link in the control panel on the right.

You may notice a few consequential changes:

  • The layout UI and rules for the panels have changed - you can now expand/collapse any of the sections - Styles, Search, Legend and Scroll - by clicking on the header.
  • To implement efficiently required dropping support for IE6. Sorry, it's just not worth it.
  • The JumpMap API now takes an optional border parameter which allows you to drop the border. This is used by the legend to render the images "live", matching your current style.



Anonymous said...

In the control box on the right, not all the information is being displayed. Runing Mozilla Firefox 3.6.23 at 1440x900. No scroll bar is displayed just information being cut off. Had to jerry rig Firefox to get the new Legend to partially display. -Swiftbrook

Joshua Bell said...

I don't have a copy of Firefox that old any more. It seems to work fine in FF7 on Mac OS and Windows.

Can you mail me a screenshot and check to see if there are script errors? I'll see if I can get that installed and take a look some time soon.

Joshua Bell said...

"Works for Me" in Firefox 3.6/Windows.

Perhaps you need to click on the "Style" header to close that up? If that was the issue, I'll see about making that close up automatically when you click on one of the other headers.