Here's my "To Do" list for the site. Many of these are probably incomprehensible, but I thought I'd share anyway
  • FEATURE: Support custom data for sector.htm LBB generator
  • LOC: Detect language setting "Accept-Language:", serve Japanese version (it turns out a lot of the site traffic is from Japan. Go figure!)
  • IMPL/FEATURE: Style object that's data only
    • Cache object for brushes, etc
    • Allow passing in via parameters (options and scale are presets)
    • Scale is just a seed - use next-highest scale
  • FEATURE: Search by regex on (UWP, PBG, ...)
  • BUG: Terra should look like Earth in Candy style
  • BUG: iframe doesn't show if "Disable script debugging" is unchecked (WTF?) - IE bug? Maybe cookies can't be loaded or something?
  • IMPL/PERF: Add more condensed route storage (perf, size)
  • QUALITY: Investigate DrawClosedCurve for candy borders
  • FEATURE: Style options - hexes at every level
  • QUALITY: Up the JPEG quality for Candy a bit
  • DATA: Incorporate Theron sector from BeRKA (?)
  • DATA: Incorporate Uistilao sector from BeRKA (?)
  • DATA: Use Kaa'G!kul data from HIWG (?)
  • DATA: Incorporate MWM's new T5 data
  • IMPL: Reconsider JavaScript class/object style
    • Use Class.prototype.func = function() ... rather than this.func, and other extern logic
    • Verify that inline functions for event handlers aren't leaking memory
  • FEATURE: Support different data sets (Judge's Guild, etc)
What else should I have on the list? Ω


Anonymous said...

My information about Theron and Uistilao sectors is they should be sourced to Jo Grant and the CORE data.

FEAT: Enable the +/- zoom and IJKM scrolling keys for the IFRAME version.

FEAT: Create a "you are here" marker and a "Return Home" key, so users can mark a system (or pixel), scroll around then return "home". Also for the IFRAME version.

FEAT: Have an API to generate a J-6 map. All worlds within Jump 6, on a hexagon shaped map.

That all for now.

Thomas Jones-Low : Traveller Wiki

Unknown said...

Here's a rather ambitious feature suggestion:

Just as Google and MS Live maps allow pushpins, could this also be done? and then generate the best route between two pins? Or at least have the 'pushpin' data stored in a cookie or something so that when you return to the site, you can zip to your favorites, similar to how the "important" worlds are listed in the lower right frame.