Research Stations and Subsector Pages

A few quick additions:
  • Research Station glyphs are now rendered (example). This is based on having "Rs" or "RsX" trade codes where X is some transliteration of a Greek letter (A, B, G, D, E, Z, H, T). There are very few of these in the dataset I have (Spinward Marches is missing them, for example) so they're spotty at best. If just "Rs" is specified, Gamma (Γ) is used (it's the first Greek letter that is distinctly non-Latin, it is used in the classic Spinward Marches poster for the map key, and it kinda looks like an "r")
  • Base codes beyond N, S, W, A, B get a little more special treatment than previously (they got a generic diamond). Depots are called out with boxes, Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan, Hiver and K'kree codes are distinguished slightly. You can tell a Clan base, Tlaukhu base, or both apart... but not from a Vargr Corsair base. You'll still have to look at the allegiance.
  • I did a quick experiment to play with the APIs: you can now pull up http://www.travellermap.com/subsector.htm?sector=Spinward+Marches&subsector=C and get a LBB-style page of the specified subsector.

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BeRKA said...

Very nice additions! :-)

I liked the LBB-style a lot. Could it be used with color (and candystyle) as well?