Border Cleanup

A minor bit of cleanup:
  • Found and fixed a bug with candy-style border rendering along sector boundaries. Most notable in the Vargr Extents
  • Regenerated borders for Khoellighz, Windhorn, Mendan, Vland, Lishun, Antares, and tweaks in a few other sectors to make edges line up
Since I was playing around in a Win98 virtual machine I also made the map function in IE5. Search and the data display show mangled results, but I know the cause (it's using a newish feature of Javascript) so it's fixable; at least now you can still explore the map. Anyone care?

I have reports that dragging is no longer working in IE6 on WinXP since an update circa Jan 1st, but I can't reproduce the problem. Can anyone else? If so, tracking down the problem should be easy. Ω

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