Jump Maps, You Are Here, and More

I was out of town for several days with my computer but no Internet connection and evenings to myself, so I did a fair bit of work on the site. A lot of the work went into fielding requested features.

What's New:
  • Added JumpMap API - generate a Jump-N map for any location

Jump-3 Map for Regina

  • Keyboard scrolling is now enabled in IFRAMEs
    • You will want to specify SCROLLING="no" in the IFRAME tag on your site
  • Asteroids are now rendered as semi-random clusters of ellipses at high scales
  • Add MapOptions.ForceHexes (add 8192 to always draw hexagonal parsecs, not squares)
[UPDATE 2008-02-03] Fixed use of ForceHexes for the main page and IFRAME - it was being masked out. Should work now.
  • Tweak min scales for features to support 24 & 48 pixels/parsec more nicely
  • Lots of API documentation cleanup
  • iframe.htm now takes "You Are Here" parameters (yah_sx, sah_sy, yah_hx, yah_hy) that define a sector/hex pair to put a marker on - example. There can be only one such marker, and there is no UI (or finalized script API) to set, move, or clear it.
  • Combat client-side memory bloat by:
    • Clearing tile cache after following a non-animated link
    • Request metadata with a time threshold, to avoid hundreds of aborted HTTP requests
  • Fix candy background tiling for legend (caused by a floating point underflow issue in GDI+)
Plus lots of (hopefully) invisible internal changes. Ω

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