Updated Data

A sharp eyed user noticed that the following worlds were missing:
Some digging revealed that in some cases the data I had which was indicated as being sourced from the GEnie upload was, in fact, post-processed and had lost some data. I wrote some tools to look for other inconsistencies and found one more Dark Nebula world that had gone missing.

After some soul searching, I decided to pull in updates to the data which had been made by a project led by Robert Eaglestone and Jim Fetters on the COTI board in 2005/2006 which analyzed the parts of the Atlas of the Imperium containing Imperial worlds as a run-up to scrubbed data for T5. This resulted in updated data for:
  • Alpha Crucis
  • Antares
  • Core
  • Corridor
  • Dagudashaag
  • Daibei
  • Delphi
  • Diaspora
  • Fornast
  • Gushemege
  • Ilelish
  • Lishun
  • Magyar
  • Massilia
  • Old Expanses
  • Reaver's Deep
  • Verge
  • Vland
  • Zarushagar
(Empty Quarter was also updated, but I kept the Stellar Reaches CT version.)

In theory, this process deleted 5 worlds but added 12. Let me know if you notice any new AotI inconsistencies.

[Update 2008-01-09]
The changes are:

No, I can't count - that's +9 -4, not +12 -5. The difference is the Empty Quarter (+3 -1) that I didn't incorporate. Ω

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Jim said...

Looks great! The only thing that jumped out at me (and maybe this was already there before) was the spinward border of the Antares sector needs to be adjusted - I can't remember if you are pulling that info from elsewhere or if you generated that yourself.