Route Finding

How long does it take to get from Regina (SPIN 1910) to Woochiers (SPIN 2207) at Jump-1? A long, long time:

I've added a route finding feature. Hit the route button to the right of the search box.
  • Start/end location can be entered as Sector Hex, e.g. Spinward Marches 1910
    • T5SS sector abbreviations are okay: SPIN 1910 works too
  • Otherwise, the map use nearest matching world.
  • Not usable on mobile-sized screens yet
  • Can't click/tap to set locations
  • Can't filter route (e.g. only wilderness refueling, no red zones, prefer Im)
But even given that, it's still fun. Here's Regina to Terra at J-4:

And at J-5:

Route Finding Wish List on the Traveller Map Trello Board

API documentation is up: http://travellermap.com/doc/api#route

I also fixed some routing bugs in Path Finder but that utility is now considered deprecated and no longer linked from the main page. I'll keep it around as it allows route calculations in custom sectors, but it probably won't get more love.

And congratulations to Mongoose Publishing on the new edition of Traveller! Ω


PSA: Hardcopy references offline for a few weeks

We (my family, not the royal "we", and certainly not the vast megacorp behind the site) are moving in a few weeks. I just finished packing up my Traveller hardcopies into boxes for the move. This will limit my ability to double-check things for the rare documents I have that aren't available in digital form.

Service of the site should not be disrupted in any way since I don't host it myself and will have 'net access the entire time.

See y'all on the flip side.




10 Years Ago...

Ten years ago today, back when dinosaurs roamed the Internet, I made a post to the Traveller Mailing List announcing an online interactive map of the Official Traveller Universe:

At that point I didn't even have a domain registered, but the site was functional enough to invite others to take a look. As I've written before, I was inspired by this mockup in GURPS Traveller:

Of course, it was also inspired by Google Maps, which hit the 'net in February 2005 - a mere two months earlier! I really should have kept photos of the earlier versions of my site... but it turns out that you can still run old versions via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Here's how it looked circa 2006:

At one point I even made sure the site worked under Netscape 7.2 running on Windows 98 (via a virtual machine):

Nowadays, here's how I like to surf it:

Thanks to all who have contributed in any way, with code, data, suggestions, bug reports, or positive feedback.

Anyway, 10 years. Wooooo! 



Route Rendering

(Disclaimer: not an April Fool's joke)

I made a slight tweak to the way routes are rendered.



Look closely at how the routes intersect the world disc. Previously they came extremely close. So close, in fact, that they actually are drawn first - right to the center of the world! Then the world is rendered by painting over the routes with the background color, then the world itself renders. Now, the routes are rendered with the endpoints offset slightly from the world. Which is closer to how a human would draw the routes, and matches classic work like posters and LBBs.

I made the change to improve the rendering when a background was present, like these cases:



Note how in "old" the routes intersect the world, whereas in "new" the routes don't. This was never a big deal, but I'm experimenting with rendering styles where backgrounds are more important.

I don't normally announce such subtle tweaks in rendering, so why even bring this up? 

There may be places in the data where routes actually go right through other worlds. Here's an example in Deneb:

If you look at Unxava, Sorel, or Ibsen you can see that the route doesn't stop at those worlds. Previously, the painting over with the background color would have meant the route line and the world disc would never touch. You also wouldn't have been able to tell if the X-boat route from Dawn to Zeng was one J-4 or four J-1s. This new way of rendering distinguishes the two cases, although it doesn't look quite as pretty.

(Aside: hand-curated sectors like the Spinward Marches would avoid putting a route across other worlds like this, because a key factor in creating X-boat routes is looking good. The routes exist primarily to add visual interest to the maps, rather than convey important data. The notion of communication routes impacting gameplay by allowing players to "race the news" was a later innovation.)

There may be cases where a route should be broken up. When transcribing routes from print I may have made incorrect assumptions. If you spot any such anomalies, please let me know.



T5SS Data Drop - March 2015

DonM sent out a new T5SS data drop, adding Spica to the set of "in reviewed" sectors, and graduating the Aslan sectors like Riftspan Reaches, Ealiyasiyw and Dark Nebula out of review to "official".

Other tidbits from the drop:
  • Hive Federation now has T5SS allegiance code: HvFd
  • Embassies have have base code E
  • Base code X, previously reserved for Zhodani Relay Station, is slated to be replaced by W, which will indicate any Way Station, not just an Imperial Scout Way Station. That's not entirely reflected in the data yet.