Poster Maker

The old post.htm and jpost.htm pages were really API documentation about the poster and jumpmap services, with built-in demos that could be used to generate images. But they were decidedly non-friendly.

To go with the new UI on the main page (still in test!) I've spun up a new "Poster Maker" page that aims to be user-friendly. It handles sector, subsector and jumpmap images, and offers a "quick preview" mode. It also defaults to PDF since that's the best format to print if you don't know what you're doing.

Try it out, send me feedback!


(The "options" box rather obviously needs to be replaced with a slew of checkboxes for the individual knobs. I'll get to that when I can.) - done!



77topaz said...

Could we have a link? I don't see one anywhere.

Joshua Bell said...

Whoops, added.

77topaz said...

That's odd, the link just circles back to the main blog page. :P

Joshua Bell said...

Fixed. Mobile editor is a little twitchy.