/go/ links and history

Two tidbits:

First, I added support for /go/ links, which can take the form:

http://travellermap.com/go/sector - e.g. http://travellermap.com/go/deneb


http://travellermap.com/go/sector/hex e.g. http://travellermap.com/go/deneb/0406

These are really shortcuts for the ?sector=sector&hex=hex form, but should be easier to type.

Any other such shortcuts you'd like to see?

Second, for those who are bemoaning changes to any of the data, just a reminder that all changes are tracked on Github at https://github.com/inexorabletash/travellermap/commits/master/res/Sectors - you can drill further into a particular file and see the changes over time.


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