Foreven - placeholders or not?

Should I replace the Foreven data that I'm using (by James "GypsyComet" Kundert, Dylan Lee and P-O "BeRKA" Bergstedt, original here) with placeholders per the Foreven Sector Reserve doc?

I'm leaning towards "yes". What say y'all?



donm61873 said...

Probably best you do... I believe that when we built the sector reserve, we added two system locations...

der eisenhofer said...

No, please leave it as it is.

I already created adventures around some of the systems and I guess others did do that, too.

And I use the map as reference, as is. Empty entries won't help me anyway.

Joshua Bell said...

The data wouldn't go away, although BeRKA would need to snapshot the data for his site:


Joshua Bell said...

Don - are you aware of anything canon discoveries beyond what's in http://farfuture.net/FFEForevenSectorReserve2008.pdf ?

BeRKA said...

I have been thinking about this since I saw the post.

It would make sense to clear the Sector. But I think I have a better suggestion that would please all.

Add a switch for canon or fanon data and clear all fanon data. (The Foreven Sector is in a better shape than most other fanon data.) Make the switch visible (like the - PRESERVE - tag). Then if you are interested in the fanon data, you just have to click ths switch.

Anyway, my list of canon for Foreven is listed at my Foreven page. It's 5 worlds with UWPs and two with just names and two unnamed droyne worlds.

Joshua Bell said...

@BeRKA: Yeah, I'd like to have that switch in general.

BTW, you should regenerate your Foreven LBB PDF - the booklet maker now produces a world index and other goodies.

Also, the map link can just be http://travellermap.com/go/foreven