I recently introduced a trade code (Dotmap) - yes, parentheses included - for worlds where we only have position and allegiance information and no other system details, i.e. a dotmap, like those found in various DGP publications. If present, the world is rendered with an asterisk (*) for the world symbol, with no other details. This same symbology is used in Adventure 4: Leviathan for worlds in the Outrim Void that the players are expected to explore for fun and profit. This has been added to the map legend (in the new UI).

I implemented this for Luretiir!girr which I recently reconstructed from a dotmap

I also went back and imposed this on sectors I'd reconstructed from DGP's Megatraveller Alien: Solomani and Aslan: Ahkiweahi, Aktifao, Etakhasoa, Fahreahluis, Heakhafaw, Hfiywitir, Irlaftalea, Kefiykhta, Ohieraoi, Teahloarifu, Uistilrao, Yahehwe. Those sectors were totally randomly generated with no data checking, and I felt bad having them on the site. To make it clear that they were really uncharted and ready for someone else to detail, I removed the random data and marked the worlds as (Dotmap) in the data.

There are a few rough edges - I should filter these out in the data display and the booklet generator should add support for these.


77topaz said...

The post seems glitchy - there's a huge gap in the middle of the Solomani & Aslan link, and every second listed sector is printed in small font.

Joshua Bell said...

Thanks - fixed! (I'd copied/pasted the body of the post from an email message, and it brought along some weird formatting that wasn't obvious in the editor.)

77topaz said...

Also, I don't think it mentions here yet that Stiatlchepr Sector was added to TravellerMap?

Joshua Bell said...

Dale Jenkins has been iterating on Stiatlchepr; I'm waiting on it being "done" before posting.