Traveller5 Data

You may notice Traveller 5 Second Survey data starting to appear in various places in the site. It's going to be a gradual process to get it everywhere it makes sense. You can track the TODO list on the Trello board.

Where it shows up now:

In addition, I've clarified the credits area to distinguish between the source of the data (i.e. Traveller 5 Second Survey) from any products published by a current licensee (e.g. The Spinward Marches by Mongoose Publishing).

I still need to do something with the data in these parts of the site:
  • Search integration - allow search by extension fields
  • Display - show indicators for new data when zoomed in
  • Document - explain the new T5 fields and data formats
  • Accept T5 data in the post.htm / jpost.htm forms



77topaz said...

There seem to be some glitches with the "direction" labels in IE10 - the "TRAILING" label has disappeared and the "SPINWARD" label is near the middle of the map itself.

Joshua Bell said...

Ah, that's not new.

For IE I used the non-standard CSS writing-mode: tb-lr (etc) for the vertical text, and for other browsers the now-standard transform: rotate(90) for the vertical text.

IE10 supports both, so it's rotating the text *twice*. I need to make the writing-mode be used only in IE<10 somehow.

Joshua Bell said...

Should be fixed now, thanks for the bug report.

77topaz said...

Not sure whether it is my cache, but I'm still seeing errors. The only change seems to be that the "SPINWARD" label now has the same orientation as the "COREWARD" and "RIMWARD" labels.

Harry Bryan said...

Landscape printing still has issues with more than 46 lines on the left hand side. (See Subsector D - Nuzuu or Subsector L - Khulikhu in the Verge sector as examples.)

Joshua Bell said...

@Harry - I've tweaked the subsector display to shrink the font size if the subsector is particularly dense. Obviously it's going to run out of room at some point (galactic core, anyone?)