Coming soon: Open Source, T5 Data, RESTful URLs, MSEC parsing

I'm taking a week off from work to catch up on personal projects that require more than the usual 20 minutes a day of unbroken concentration I can scrounge up. For TravellerMap.com my big goal is getting the code open sourced, up on GitHub. As a prelude to that I needed to do some cleanup, such as moving some authentication strings out of the code itself, and general polishing. Don't expect it to be beautiful, though!

A few things got done as part of this process:

  • More RESTful URLs will be added, with the ugly SomeAPI.aspx URLs relegated to legacy. For a hint of what this might look like (if you're not familiar with the terminology) look at a COTI thread on RESTful Traveller APIs
    • Nit: it won't be truly RESTful as the site is stateless, so there's no state to transfer. 
  • I've implemented T5 "Second Survey" data parsing and a formal format description. Short answer: column-based, but variable width fields with a header that self-documents field widths.
  • I've implemented support for sec2pdf's MSEC file format. Not every feature (like label tweaks) is supported, but it will save you from learning the XML metadata format.
  • Added honest-to-goodness unit tests for a handful of things. 
  • Converted most of the C# to use System.Linq where possible to make the code more readable.
  • Squashed various bugs
Expect shiny things over the next few days, and as always forgive the mess.


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