Hive Federation Completed

Mark Humphreys has submitted the sector data, borders and routes for the last of the hitherto uncharted sectors of Hiver space, as well as updates to the other sectors, so it's all filled in on the map:

Awesome work, Mark!



inpw said...

When viewed as part of a whole, some of the trade routes are wrong, and point to nowhere - I will look at correcting these ASAP

Joshua Bell said...

Yeah, the routes will be getting some cleanup.

BeRKA said...

Thank you for this update.

inpw said...


I have sent you updated routes, hopefully this cleans up all of the issues I found.

Mark H

77topaz said...

In the new Hiver sectors, there seem to be numerous errors where government and law level codes seem to be swapped around.

inpw said...

77topaz - thanks for having a look. Can you give me a specific example, I have been through these several times, and am beginning to get Survey Fatigue (how to the IISS do this?).