Site Offline for Server Upgrade - COMPLETED

I've filed a request with my service provider to update the server to a new version of the HTTP server and OS. The site will be offline for up to a few hours (barring anything catastrophic).

As Sam (the man) Jackson says in such circumstances, "Hold on to your butts!"


Update:  4:47PM PDT

The site is up but has moved to a new IP address. It may take several hours for DNS caches across the 'net to resolve to the new address. In the mean time you can access the site via:



Update: 5:28PM PDT

At least for me, http://travellermap.com is resolving. It may take several more hours for that address to resume working for you, so use the temporary URL above if necessary.



77topaz said...

http://travellermap.com/ looks to be working.

77topaz said...

Also, the image regression tests are showing multiple disrepancies (from T5 cleanup, possibly), so they'll need to be updated.