Get your Hiver on

Thanks to exploration work by Mark Humphreys, three new sectors in Hiver space have come online including world data, borders and routes:
  • Gzirr!k'l - straddling the Two Thousand Worlds and the Federation with a buffer zone of client states between. This sector bore the brunt of the Hiver/K'kree War in ages past, and bears the lingering scars.
  • Ricenden - home to Guaran, the Hiver homeworld
  • Centrax - home to Glea, the Federation capital
These aren't the final data or metadata, so expect some refinement over the coming months, and perhaps a few new sectors nearby.

(This is all unofficial data, of course. That will be obvious to long time visitors, but I'm going to try to be more explicit going forward given that I'm hosting both official and unofficial data without much distinction.)



77topaz said...

There's a gap in the K'kree border between Kaa G!kul and G'zirrkl, and, viewing at scale four, there appears to be some sort of border error between Phlask and Centrax.

Joshua Bell said...

@77topaz - fixed, thanks.

77topaz said...

Also, I think I posted this before (but it hasn't been fixed) - Onezul (0532 Amderstun) should have Travel Zone A, not Base Code A.

Joshua Bell said...

Onezul is fixed. I also updated the image test references images.