Data Overview 2013

Back in 2009 I promised a yearly update with what was new - data, metadata, and so forth. I suck at remembering to do this, apparently. Someone remind me in 2014, okay?

So here's the update for what's new since the last state-of-the-Imperium update:

  • Filled borders make the map just that much prettier and identify polities
  • Details for a few more sectors around the edges of the rift, c/o 77topaz
  • Routes for the Julian Protectorate, c/o Mike Kuehn
  • Routes for Alpha Crucis, c/o David Pulver
And the biggest set of changes, although they aren't really visible at this level:
  • Scrubbed T5 data for Imperial sectors, c/o Don McKinney and Marc Miller



inpw said...

Gaps in TravellerMap?

There are gaps in the available TravellerMap data. For example the Gzirr!k'l between K'kree and Hiver space. How do these holes get filled? How do you decide what is 'official' enough to go in TM?



Joshua Bell said...

Mark -

If official data exists, that's used. Otherwise, I basically host fan submissions or data that's been shared widely on the 'net. See http://travellermap.com/credits.htm for more details.

Outside the Imperium (covered by official data), Zho/Aslan/Solomani/Vargr space has gotten more "love" from both official publications and fans. Since it's farther from the Imperium, neither K'kree nor Hiver space have gotten the same amount of love from fans. Back in the day, L.W.L. Guatney was "HIWG Quadrant 4 Editor" for Hiver space so took on Extolian. Mike McKeown has been detailing Kaa G!'kul. Otherwise... we're waiting for someone to try and tackle them!

(Take it far enough and you could attempt to get your work published by a Traveller licencee like Mongoose!)

Also, don't be fooled by the vast Vargr and Aslan spaces that seem charted. Both are based on maps of just star locations and borders published by DGP in the '90s without any details. They've had random data generated for them to preserve those star permissions, but the data is not very valuable.

Hope that helps.

77topaz said...

I've currently got work-in-progress files for Luretiir!girr and X'kug, though not Gzirr!k'l.

77topaz said...

I've found another small error: Knerog (2436 Amderstun) should have Travel Zone R, not Base Code R.

Joshua Bell said...

Knerog is fixed, thanks!

77topaz said...

One more: Onezul (0523 Amderstun) should be Travel Zone A, not Base Code A.

77topaz said...

The Hiver borders between Spica and Phlask do not match up exactly.

Joshua Bell said...

How close are these to being done? I'm getting another data push together and could wait for these to be ready.

Joshua Bell said...

Fixed locally but not published. Any others? When I pulled your data from explorerbase it wasn't formatted so worlds with A/R and no other codes were ambiguous.

Joshua Bell said...

Thanks. Will be fixed in the next data push.

Harry Bryan said...

There are 2 worlds named Shishkala in the Khukish/Corridor Sector:

Shishkala/Khukish/Corridor 1603 E556423-1
Shishkala/Khukish/Corridor 1607 B686654-B

Deliberate or error?

Joshua Bell said...

I checked with Don. Looks like an error in the T5 data set. Will be corrected in an upcoming drop - thanks for pointing it out!